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Madrid time : Friday, September 20, 2019/ 日本時間 : 9.20(土曜日)

21:00/28:00 Osasuna vs Real Betis

Madrid time : Saturday, September 21, 2019/ 日本時間 : 9.21(土曜日)

13:00/20:00 Villarreal vs Valladolid
16:00/23:00 Levante vs Eibar
18:30/25:30 Atletico Madrid vs Celta Vigo
21:00/28:00 Granada vs Barcelona

Madrid time : Sunday, September 22, 2019/ 日本時間 : 9.22(日曜日)

12:00/19:00 Getafe vs Mallorca
14:00/21:00 Espanyol vs Real Sociedad
16:00/23:00 Valencia vs Leganes
18:30/25:30 Athletic Bilbao vs Alavés
21:00/28:00 Sevilla vs Real Madrid

Madrid time : Tuesday, September 24, 2019/ 日本時間 : 9.24(火曜日)

19:00/26:00 Valladolid vs Granada
20:00/27:00 Real Betis vs Levante
21:00/28:00 Barcelona vs Villarreal

Madrid time : Wednesday, September 25, 2019/ 日本時間 : 9.25(水曜日)

19:00/26:00 Leganes vs Athletic Bilbao
19:00/26:00 Mallorca vs Atletico Madrid
20:00/27:00 Valencia vs Getafe
21:00/28:00 Real Madrid vs Osasuna

Madrid time : Thursday, September 26, 2019/ 日本時間 : 9.26(木曜日)

19:00/26:00 Eibar vs Sevilla
20:00/27:00 Celta Vigo vs Espanyol
21:00/28:00 Real Sociedad vs Alavés

Madrid time : Friday, September 27, 2019/ 日本時間 : 9.27(金曜日)

21:00/28:00 Villarreal vs Real Betis

Madrid time : Saturday, September 28, 2019/ 日本時間 : 9.28(土曜日)

13:00/20:00 Athletic Bilbao vs Valencia
16:00/23:00 Getafe vs Barcelona
18:30/25:30 Granada vs Leganes
21:00/28:00 Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid

Madrid time : Sunday, September 29, 2019/ 日本時間 : 9.29(日曜日)

12:00/19:00 Espanyol vs Valladolid
14:00/21:00 Eibar vs Celta Vigo
16:00/23:00 Alavés vs Mallorca
18:30/25:30 Levante vs Osasuna
21:00/28:00 Sevilla vs Real Sociedad

Madrid time : Friday, October 04, 2019/ 日本時間 : 10.4(金曜日)

21:00/28:00 Real Betis vs Eibar

Madrid time : Saturday, October 05, 2019/ 日本時間 : 10.5(土曜日)

13:00/20:00 Leganes vs Levante
16:00/23:00 Real Madrid vs Granada
18:30/25:30 Valencia vs Alavés
21:00/28:00 Osasuna vs Villarreal

Madrid time : Sunday, October 06, 2019/ 日本時間 : 10.6(日曜日)

12:00/19:00 Mallorca vs Espanyol
14:00/21:00 Celta Vigo vs Athletic Bilbao
16:00/23:00 Valladolid vs Atletico Madrid
18:30/25:30 Real Sociedad vs Getafe
21:00/28:00 Barcelona vs Sevilla

Madrid time : Monday, October 21, 2019/ 日本時間 : 10.21(月曜日)

01:00/08:00  Alavés vs Celta Vigo
01:00/08:00  Athletic Bilbao vs Valladolid
01:00/08:00  Atletico Madrid vs Valencia
01:00/08:00  Eibar vs Barcelona
01:00/08:00  Espanyol vs Villarreal
01:00/08:00  Getafe vs Leganes
01:00/08:00  Granada vs Osasuna
01:00/08:00  Mallorca vs Real Madrid
01:00/08:00  Real Sociedad vs Real Betis
01:00/08:00  Sevilla vs Levante

Madrid time : Monday, October 28, 2019/ 日本時間 : 10.28(月曜日)

00:00/07:00  Atletico Madrid vs Athletic Bilbao
00:00/07:00  Barcelona vs Real Madrid
00:00/07:00  Celta Vigo vs Real Sociedad
00:00/07:00  Granada vs Real Betis
00:00/07:00  Leganes vs Mallorca
00:00/07:00  Levante vs Espanyol
00:00/07:00  Osasuna vs Valencia
00:00/07:00  Valladolid vs Eibar
00:00/07:00  Sevilla vs Getafe
00:00/07:00  Villarreal vs Alavés

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The Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División, commonly known as La Liga (La Liga Santander for sponsorship reasons with Santander), is the men’s top professional football division of the Spanish football league system. Administered by the Liga Nacional de Fútbol Profesional (English: National Professional Football League), also known as the Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP), La Liga is contested by 20 teams, with the three lowest-placed teams relegated to the Segunda División (LaLiga 123) and replaced by the top two teams in that division plus the winner of a play-off.

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